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16 июля 2014

M2M Innovation World Congress

Smart Services for Vertical Markets

Conference & Exhibition Sept. 22-24, 2014 – Marseille Provence, France

M2M Innovation World Congress invites all the M2M stakeholders to shift from a technology-driven to a business- and user-centric approach. Focused on emerging business models, technologies and best practices, this conference & exhibition gives its participants new inspirations to innovate and setup business while meeting prominent figures both from M2M industry and verticals. The conference will explore in particular M2M innovations in Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Retail and Consumer Electronics. Held in conjunction with the three other smart devices-related conferences and 50-booth exhibition forming World Smart Week, the Congress provides its 300 attendees rich opportunities to network, share knowledge and develop business with 1700 participants overall.

Visit us online: www.m2minnovationworldcongress.com