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11 May 2012

About trends & threats in IT-sphere

There are three major trends in IT technologies, that could be seen last years:

1. The general and widespread Internet availability (via mobile devices, through 3G and 4G systems). 

2. Involvement of people in networking contacts.                                                                  

A few facts:
800 million people are registered in Facebook, 200 million people - in Twitter;
Social networks - activity No.1 on the Internet (formerly it  belonged to pornosites).

3. Increased mobility of employees. On the one hand, it is a great convenience, on the other hand - a headache for IT-Administrators, because the staff should be controlled in any way. Input devices are very diverse, employees have access to corporate networks from anywhere. The main trends:                                                                                                                  

Integration of different devices and applications.

Transfer of personal and business transactions on the Internet.
Current trends can be viewed from two  different points: on the one hand, Internet access from anywhere and involvement in social networks provides many opportunities, on the other hand  - it  carries on a lot of threats.

Leakage of confidential information                                                                                      

Despite precautionary measures and not disclosing information on cases of  leakage of confidential information,  the number of leaks continues to grow. In recent years  the trend of  data theft for the purpose of resale is growing. By what means it is tried to be overcome?  By technical means and  adoption of proper laws.

The growing number of money  thefts via online banking                                                      

In 2011, according to some data, the volume of global theft  reached $3 billion.  Organizational measures should be taken, such as identification on the base of  several factors, and the solution lies not so much on the side of any technical means, but on the side of the bank, which should  think over how to protect its client.

Targeted attacks                                                                                                                

This year a sharp increase of viruses is taking place, their total number  reached 5 million. Every day about 70 thousand malware appears. To fight them manually, as it was done before by antivirus companies,  became impossible.

Threats from social networks                                                                                              

Competition between companies via social networks has intensified. 1st of all  it can be seen in banking industry. People suddenly begin to write about  some negative trends. In general, the competitors organize such actions.

Dynamics of information leakage                                                                                          

InfoWatch  is monitoring information leakages since 2003. During last  five years the volume of  information loss quadrupled. It could be said about  80 thousand incidents in 2011. Companies are carefully  trying to hide such facts, because it is extremely disadvantageous for their reputation.

Reputation management and work in social networks                                                            

In case when a huge mass of uncontrolled people can  freely write about  the organization in social networks, it is difficult to influence on them. The company's reputation can suffer quite by chance. It is needed  to conduct image monitoring (in blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter), measure "degree" of public opinion, key mood.

Opportunities provided by reputation monitoring:                                                                  

Operational collection of requests;
Immediate direct communication with clients;
Optimization of support channels;
Adjustment of marketing communications and strategies;
Identifying market trends & e
ffective PR.

Translated by Valeriy Stepanenko


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