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Monday, 16 July 2018

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09 August 2013

Technologies and Solutions Banking and Company News

In March 2006, a parody video asked, “What if Microsoft made the iPod?” The clip began with an image of the real packaging for an iPod, that familiar white box with a single picture of the music player. Then, bit by bit, it added what would happen if Microsoft got involved. By the end of three minutes, the dainty music player had been renamed the iPod Pro 2005 XP Human Ear Professional Edition With Subscription, and the stark box was sullied with stickers and jargon promoting almost every...
05 August 2013

Technologies and Solutions

The PC has been around for three and a half decades, but the way we interact with them hasn't evolved much: We type, we point and click, and, increasingly, we touch. A company called Leap Motion wants to make computing decidedly more 21st-century. By adding hand motions and gestures to the mix, Leap Motion believes it can help transform computing from a two-dimensional world to a 3-D one. The $80 Leap Motion Controller is a small plastic and aluminum rectangle that houses a pair of 3-D camera...
19 July 2013

Technologies and Solutions Mobile and Internet Payments

Dan Rowinski has a fantastic piece on Clinkle, the latest hot payments startup. (Its $25 million seed round came from Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Jim Breyer, Marc Benioff, Owen Van Natta, Peter Thiel, and many other members of the Silicon Valley elite.) Rowinski’s message: payments technology is the easy bit. The hard bit is changing behavior. It’s basically no easier or faster to activate the NFC or QR code in your phone or open an app than it is to dig out some...
08 July 2013

Technologies and Solutions

Since our founding, it’s been a core mission of BetterCloud’s to spread the word about Google Apps and evangelize for the platform. And after raising a Series A this past January, we’ve stepped up our hiring process , which has led candidates to ask why I’m betting my career and company on Google Apps. This was a question we encountered throughout the fundraising process and I’m sure it’s frequently asked of other ISVs and Google Apps resellers. While...
27 June 2013

Technologies and Solutions Banking and Company News

A modem designed specifically for Africa has been announced at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh. The device combines rugged design with a range of connectivity options, switching between wi-fi, 3G and fixed broadband. Ushahidi, the Kenyan tech firm behind BRCK, believe Africa-specific hardware is long overdue. Director Juliana Rotich hopes it will kickstart a hardware revolution on the continent. Ushahidi - a Swahili word for "testimony" - began life designing software to monitor the 2008...
17 June 2013

Legislation Technologies and Solutions

Apple Inc conspired with publishers to raise the price of e-books in a scheme costing consumers "hundreds of millions of dollars," a U.S. government lawyer said on Monday.   A three-week trial got under way before a federal judge in New York in a case pitting the Justice Department against the popular iPad and iPhone maker that could shine a light on the secretive Silicon Valley giant's business practices. " Apple told publishers that Apple - and only Apple - could get...
10 June 2013

Legislation Technologies and Solutions

The path to clearing up enough airwaves to satisfy the insatiable demand for mobile downloads is a confusing, complicated mess. Mobile data traffic is expected to increase by a factor of 13 in five years, according to Cisco. That's why the Federal Communications Commission and carriers are working diligently to free up big swaths of wireless spectrum for mobile devices. By doing so, they're attempting to stave off what most agree would be a miserable outcome if they fail.  "I e-mailed my...
12 April 2013

Researches and Reviews Technologies and Solutions

"NFC has reached the point of no return," says practice director John Devlin. "It all hinged on handsets; and next year we will see half-a-billion devices in the hands of consumers as it becomes more widely integrated." The number of NFC devices in use will exceed 500 million in 2014 with an expected minimum shipment of 285 million devices in 2013 , according to a new report by ABI Research. "OEMs continue to drive the market for NFC as mobile operators struggle to gain control and bring...