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Monday, 16 July 2018

NBU currency exchange rates

02 August 2013

Security and Information Protection Payment Systems Mobile and Internet Payments

Bank robbers don't rob banks anymore. They don't need guns, and they don't wear masks. Instead, they hide behind their computer screens and cover their digital tracks. In today's world, there are multiple ways for cybercriminals to make money long before cash is actually transferred out of a bank account. Robbing a bank has become one of the last cogs in a much broader operation. Online theft is almost always part of a much grander scheme. Though sometimes a high-skilled individual or...
22 July 2013

Security and Information Protection Payment Systems

In a 1939 radio broadcast, then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described Russia as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." Were he alive today, Churchill might use the same words to describe Bitcoin — not only for its vaunted user anonymity, but also for the "rabbit out of a hat" way that bitcoins are created, valued, traded and secured. 'Bitcoin for Dummies' The first thing to know about Bitcoin is that it has no direct correlation to "value for work" —...
12 July 2013

Researches and Reviews Payment Systems

Countries around the world have become accustomed to flashing plastic to make payments. Yet Germany still remains a country that predominantly uses cash. According to a new study reported by  MasterCard , the cost of using cash isn’t cheap, especially for Germans. The study revealed that every German resident pays about €150 every year to sustain the country's cash system. In total, the production process to circulate cash in Germany costs  €12.5 billion per year. If this...
01 July 2013

Legislation Security and Information Protection Payment Systems

The United States' top anti-money-laundering regulator said some days ago her agency isn't working to clamp down on virtual currencies, though authorities expect exchanges and administrators for digital cash to comply with the same rules that apply to other financial institutions. The comments may allay some concerns following high-profile moves against exchanges for virtual money. U.S. law enforcement officials last month brought charges against a group of men behind Liberty Reserve, a virtual...
20 May 2013

Payment Systems

The road to bringing the next 500 million consumers into the financial services mainstream is indeed paved with good intentions. It’s a path that many are discussing at the “Extreme Inclusion: Development, Dignity and Financial Services” event, taking place May 2 and 3 at the Fletcher School at Tufts University in Medford, Mass. Supported by MasterCard and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Extreme Inclusion purports to ask a tough question: is the supposed progress...
26 April 2013

Legislation Payment Systems

MasterCard Inc.  faces a European Union antitrust probe into bank fees on foreign card payments such as when tourists go shopping in the 27-nation bloc. The European Commission said the levies -- and other possible practices including higher fees for traders accepting so-called premium cards aimed at affluent customers -- may be anti-competitive, slowing down cross-border business and harming customers through higher prices. The probe increases the pressure on the Purchase,...
25 February 2013

Payment Systems

MasterCard Worldwide is reorganizing its mobile-payments effort and team, planning to focus on what it calls “digital convergence,” with the aim of “enabling every connected device to be a commerce device”  The payments network is promoting its group head for emerging payments in Europe, Jorn Lambert, to a newly created post of group executive for digital convergence. MasterCard has released the changes internally. The new digital convergence effort would take in...
08 February 2013

Security and Information Protection Payment Systems

Fraudsters are no longer just stealing customers’ online banking details to steal funds directly from their accounts; they are making banks do it. Guardian Analytics has identified a new scam which targets banks’ recent desire to get closer to their customers. Fraudsters use many banks’ online banking live-chat feature to make the bank complete a wire transfer, without them knowing a fraudster is behind the screen. According to the online security expert, who first identified...