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Monday, 16 July 2018

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26 July 2013

Researches and Reviews Payment Cards

Visa, MasterCard and Europay formed EMVCo in the 1993 to combat and reduce fraud internationally, but in the United States, the slow transition to this new standard is causing problems of its own. To date, more than 1.62 billion payment cards have been upgraded to comply with the standards set by EMVCo. This accounts for nearly 45 percent of all cards globally - most of which are in use outside the United States. As this figure continues to climb, domestic financial institutions (FIs),...
05 July 2013

Researches and Reviews Payment Cards Mobile and Internet Payments

ACI Worldwide , a leading international provider of payment systems, today released the results of a new survey of banks, retailers and payment processors that sheds new light on industry trends related to EMV, mobile payments and banking, fraud and innovation. This survey was conducted at the 2013 ACI Americas Exchange conference in Boston, MA from June 4-6, 2013. Visit www.aciworldwide.com/ExchangeSurvey for more information. EMV Will Drive Mobile Adoption while Reducing Physical Card Use...
24 May 2013

Security and Information Protection Payment Cards

If we weren't all using 1960s technology to conduct financial transactions, maybe we wouldn't get heisted. On May 9, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn revealed that an international team of thieves had stolen close to $45 million in the biggest ATM fraud case in history. The heist required some hacking and a lot of orchestration, so news organizations and police forces have been calling it high-tech and " sophisticated ." Which it isn't, really! It's possible because the US--yes, specifically the...
27 February 2013

Payment Cards

17 December 2012

Researches and Reviews Payment Cards

Regulations, migrations, transformations and a really big hurricane: Weathering the past year was no small undertaking for the financial services industry in general, and for ATM owners in particular. Here, in no special order (except alphabetical) are the top stories of 2012: 1. ADA — After the mad rush to meet new ADA regulations by March 15, ATM owners heaved a collective sigh of relief — except for those who are still working to upgrade their machines. They have little time...
13 July 2012

Payment Cards

It suddenly got much easier to find out which credit cards are having disputes with their customers — although, as the American Bankers Association would argue, the complaints filed with the CFPB are still only allegations. But what about the issuers that are doing right by there customers? We thought it a good time to make a quick investigation into the positives of the industry. For example, which issuers saw a relatively low proportion of CFPB complaints come there way based on market...
06 April 2012

Payment Cards

Results of a survey conducted by Kahuna ATM Solutions found that despite numerous challenges to their business model, a majority of IADs are optimistic about future growth. Not only are the impediments many in number, they also are especially difficult in nature. With new Americans with Disabilities Act regulations requiring U.S.-based independent ATM deployers to upgrade or replace thousands of terminals going into effect in a few weeks, it's not surprising a recent survey found compliance...
03 October 2011

Payment Cards

It has taken years of debate, arguments and belligerence on both sides, but for those in the payment industry who have urged the US to make the move towards EMV, the decision by Visa to finally go ahead with EMV implementation is a massive victory, and looks set to bring about the global payment standardisation that everyone has been urging. Pressure has been building in recent months for the US to fall into step with the rest of the world and global issuers with experience of EMV in other markets,...

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