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Monday, 16 July 2018

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03 September 2015


01 July 2013

Legislation Security and Information Protection Payment Systems

The United States' top anti-money-laundering regulator said some days ago her agency isn't working to clamp down on virtual currencies, though authorities expect exchanges and administrators for digital cash to comply with the same rules that apply to other financial institutions. The comments may allay some concerns following high-profile moves against exchanges for virtual money. U.S. law enforcement officials last month brought charges against a group of men behind Liberty Reserve, a virtual...
21 June 2013

Legislation Security and Information Protection

Google, Facebook and Microsoft have asked the US government to allow them to disclose the security requests they receive for handing over user data. The move comes after recent reports claimed that US authorities had direct access to the servers of nine major US tech firms, including Google and Apple. Google said the claims were "untrue" but added that nondisclosure rules of such requests "fuel that speculation". The US has confirmed the existence of the surveillance programme. David...
17 June 2013

Legislation Technologies and Solutions

Apple Inc conspired with publishers to raise the price of e-books in a scheme costing consumers "hundreds of millions of dollars," a U.S. government lawyer said on Monday.   A three-week trial got under way before a federal judge in New York in a case pitting the Justice Department against the popular iPad and iPhone maker that could shine a light on the secretive Silicon Valley giant's business practices. " Apple told publishers that Apple - and only Apple - could get...
10 June 2013

Legislation Technologies and Solutions

The path to clearing up enough airwaves to satisfy the insatiable demand for mobile downloads is a confusing, complicated mess. Mobile data traffic is expected to increase by a factor of 13 in five years, according to Cisco. That's why the Federal Communications Commission and carriers are working diligently to free up big swaths of wireless spectrum for mobile devices. By doing so, they're attempting to stave off what most agree would be a miserable outcome if they fail.  "I e-mailed my...
26 April 2013

Legislation Payment Systems

MasterCard Inc.  faces a European Union antitrust probe into bank fees on foreign card payments such as when tourists go shopping in the 27-nation bloc. The European Commission said the levies -- and other possible practices including higher fees for traders accepting so-called premium cards aimed at affluent customers -- may be anti-competitive, slowing down cross-border business and harming customers through higher prices. The probe increases the pressure on the Purchase,...
22 April 2013

Legislation Security and Information Protection

The U.S.- China Business Council on Monday criticized a new law aimed at thwarting cyber attacks by discouraging the Justice Department and several other government agencies from buying information technology systems from China. "The national security of the United States is critical, but it must not be used as a means of protectionism," John Frisbie, the group's president, said in a letter urging leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives to block similar measures in the...
08 April 2013

Legislation Banking and Company News

The Russian government in recent weeks has been making use of a new law that gives it the power to block Internet content that it deems illegal or harmful to children. The country’s communications regulators have required Facebook , Twitter and YouTube to remove material that the officials determined was objectionable, with only YouTube, owned by Google, resisting. The video-sharing site complied with a Russian agency’s order to block a video that officials said promoted...