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Monday, 16 July 2018

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26 July 2013

Researches and Reviews Payment Cards

Visa, MasterCard and Europay formed EMVCo in the 1993 to combat and reduce fraud internationally, but in the United States, the slow transition to this new standard is causing problems of its own. To date, more than 1.62 billion payment cards have been upgraded to comply with the standards set by EMVCo. This accounts for nearly 45 percent of all cards globally - most of which are in use outside the United States. As this figure continues to climb, domestic financial institutions (FIs),...
15 July 2013

Researches and Reviews Mobile and Internet Payments

Sweden is seen as the Promised Land in the payments industry, and not only in Europe but across the globe. While the rest of us are still grappling for loose change and crumpled banknotes, the Swedish, who have the highest card penetration rate in the world, are reaching for plastic. Smartphone and mobile Internet penetration in Sweden is on the rise, and many are looking to the Swedish market to help ignite mobile payments. Sweden has great potential, and stood as the only European country that...
12 July 2013

Researches and Reviews Payment Systems

Countries around the world have become accustomed to flashing plastic to make payments. Yet Germany still remains a country that predominantly uses cash. According to a new study reported by  MasterCard , the cost of using cash isn’t cheap, especially for Germans. The study revealed that every German resident pays about €150 every year to sustain the country's cash system. In total, the production process to circulate cash in Germany costs  €12.5 billion per year. If this...
05 July 2013

Researches and Reviews Payment Cards Mobile and Internet Payments

ACI Worldwide , a leading international provider of payment systems, today released the results of a new survey of banks, retailers and payment processors that sheds new light on industry trends related to EMV, mobile payments and banking, fraud and innovation. This survey was conducted at the 2013 ACI Americas Exchange conference in Boston, MA from June 4-6, 2013. Visit www.aciworldwide.com/ExchangeSurvey for more information. EMV Will Drive Mobile Adoption while Reducing Physical Card Use...
25 June 2013

Researches and Reviews Security and Information Protection

Nearly half of all Americans say the U.S. government's broad surveillance tactics are acceptable within limits, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Tuesday that also found widespread concern about the methods that were revealed last week. The poll, conducted from Friday to Tuesday, found that few were completely untroubled by the news that the National Security Agency has been secretly monitoring telephone and Internet activity of millions of Americans. More than one in three of those...
07 June 2013

Researches and Reviews Mobile and Internet Payments

Online commerce is no longer in its infancy, and as more and more consumers shop online every day, the demands they place on eRetailers increase as well. According to an eCommerce and digital marketing report issued by EPiServer , more than half of UK consumers are using their mobile phones or tablets to make online purchases every week. Moreover, 36 percent reported they have been purchasing more items online in the last year. Consumer satisfaction is a huge part of the eCommerce world, as...
27 May 2013

Researches and Reviews Mobile and Internet Payments

Europeans make 19 million contactless transactions in March 2013 Visa Europe confirmed that contactless usage has reached a critical point of adoption across Europe. Monthly transaction numbers across Europe reached more than 19 million in March 2013. Over €1billion has now been spent on contactless cards and smartphones equipped with a Visa payWave app. 2013 has seen contactless momentum in the UK grow significantly with 1.5 million Visa contactless transactions being made on London...
13 May 2013

Researches and Reviews

Many people dismissed Steve Jobs’ talk of a “Post PC Era” as another Apple sales pitch or some hyperbole from the Reality Distortion Field. However, the number crunchers at the International Data Corporation (IDC) provided some cold hard numbers yesterday which suggest that we may have already slipped into such an era. According to the IDC ’s Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker, PC sales have been slipping each quarter but fell by a total of 18.3 percent in the first quarter...

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