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Monday, 16 July 2018

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02 August 2013

Security and Information Protection Payment Systems Mobile and Internet Payments

Bank robbers don't rob banks anymore. They don't need guns, and they don't wear masks. Instead, they hide behind their computer screens and cover their digital tracks. In today's world, there are multiple ways for cybercriminals to make money long before cash is actually transferred out of a bank account. Robbing a bank has become one of the last cogs in a much broader operation. Online theft is almost always part of a much grander scheme. Though sometimes a high-skilled individual or...
22 July 2013

Security and Information Protection Payment Systems

In a 1939 radio broadcast, then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described Russia as "a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." Were he alive today, Churchill might use the same words to describe Bitcoin — not only for its vaunted user anonymity, but also for the "rabbit out of a hat" way that bitcoins are created, valued, traded and secured. 'Bitcoin for Dummies' The first thing to know about Bitcoin is that it has no direct correlation to "value for work" —...
01 July 2013

Legislation Security and Information Protection Payment Systems

The United States' top anti-money-laundering regulator said some days ago her agency isn't working to clamp down on virtual currencies, though authorities expect exchanges and administrators for digital cash to comply with the same rules that apply to other financial institutions. The comments may allay some concerns following high-profile moves against exchanges for virtual money. U.S. law enforcement officials last month brought charges against a group of men behind Liberty Reserve, a virtual...
25 June 2013

Researches and Reviews Security and Information Protection

Nearly half of all Americans say the U.S. government's broad surveillance tactics are acceptable within limits, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll on Tuesday that also found widespread concern about the methods that were revealed last week. The poll, conducted from Friday to Tuesday, found that few were completely untroubled by the news that the National Security Agency has been secretly monitoring telephone and Internet activity of millions of Americans. More than one in three of those...
21 June 2013

Legislation Security and Information Protection

Google, Facebook and Microsoft have asked the US government to allow them to disclose the security requests they receive for handing over user data. The move comes after recent reports claimed that US authorities had direct access to the servers of nine major US tech firms, including Google and Apple. Google said the claims were "untrue" but added that nondisclosure rules of such requests "fuel that speculation". The US has confirmed the existence of the surveillance programme. David...
03 June 2013

Security and Information Protection

In early 2010, Nish Bhalla sat down at his computer with one objective: steal a huge amount of money from a bank. It wasn't a typical heist. Bhalla is the chief executive of Security Compass , a company that tests security systems at banks, retailers, energy companies and other organizations with sensitive data. His clients -- including the bank branch in the United States that he targeted in his 2010 attack -- pay him to break into their systems.  It can be easier than most people...

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