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Thursday, 18 October 2018

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12 August 2013

Internet pure-players secure more market share in Germany

In its recent‘Online Trade 2013’ study, the Retail Research Institute (IFH) Cologne has concluded that online pure players like Zalando and Amazon are growing particularly rapidly to secure themselves a lion's share of the online market.

In 2012 the online market volume rose by 15 per cent. However, online pure players posted the strongest and most robust growth. Currently, around 35 per cent of German online sales is achieved by companies whose only sales channel is online.

A look into the future shows that all major distribution channels can benefit from the ongoing online boom. According to the IFH experts' forecasts, all forms of distribution can expect continued positive growth rates until 2017. However the Internet pure players remain the best positioned to achieve growth rates of up to 13.8 per cent. "Internet pure players are finding themselves on increasingly solid ground, discovering, for example, which store brands offer optimal competitive differentiation and thus better margins", explains Heinick.  


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