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Monday, 17 December 2018

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29 July 2013

In Verkhovna Rada was presented the interfaсtion union of deputies "For the digital future of Ukraine"

In Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) was presented the interfaсtion union of deputies "For the digital future of Ukraine", which aimed at supporting development of the new technologies and Internet in Ukraine. It unites 18 MPs from four parliamentary factions.

According to the founding documents, union members "For the digital future of Ukraine" want to promote togethet the latest technologies in various fields of life. Union will work on creating the comfortable business climate for high-tech projects, in particular, on Internet. MPs also support the electronic management and maximum use of Internet technologies in the work of government.

Among the first results of the joint work of the deputies is the called bill "On electronic commerce" (registration number - 2306) aimed at creation conditions for the protection and support of business projects in the Ukrainian segment of Internet. Deputies plan to continue to work together on legislation, as well as they are ready to work on the broader task of supporting the Internet industry.


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