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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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26 July 2013

Cash Remittance Through Alfa-Bank’s Credit Cards

Alfa-Bank announces the launch of the service «Cash Remittance Through Credit Cards». Holders of all categories of Alfa-Bank’s credit cards (Russia) can transfer cash to all debit and credit cards issued by banks in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

Cash remittance from credit cards is an easy and convenient way, with a lack of own funds, to transfer cash to the family or make a repayment of debt under other loan.

Key advantage in making cash transfers through Alfa-Bank’s credit cards is that the credit grace period applies to the amount of transfer.

For instance, should you do not have enough money to repay debt under a loan extended to you by other bank you can transfer cash from Alfa-Bank’s credit card to other card of your bank. To do so, you just have to know the card number of the beneficiary.

Cash remittance may be performed through the use of Alfa-Bank’s website, Internet Bank «Alfa-Click», mobile bank «Alfa-Mobile» or SMS.

Cash remittance is secured by the technology 3DSecure (Verified by Visa/MasterCard Secure Code). Normally, it is enough to key in a single-use password given to you by the card issuing bank. 


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