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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

NBU currency exchange rates


23 July 2013

Ukraine will be able to abandon cash in the nearest future?

Cashless payments are becoming more popular in Ukraine. However, card payments are not still available everywhere, and not all Ukrainians rush to abandon paper money. However, some experts believe that by 2020 in the country will occur significant changes  and cash, in fact, might be practically abandoned.

According to some experts, in the nearest future cashless payments in Ukraine will gradually dominate. For example, in Europe, they already averagely occupy a large part of the market. This situation affects positively on the economy of countries, in particular, on the ability of bank to grant loans, which in case when banks have more cashless money will become cheaper and more accessible. The fastest cashless payments are now implemented in ??trade, where their share has alrady reached 18%.


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