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Monday, 25 March 2019

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19 July 2013

Polish Banks to Introduce Mobile Payment System

Six of Poland’s leading banks are joining forces to develop and implement a new way to pay with mobile phones, reports Reuters. Poland’s largest lender, PKO BP, recently stated that the new payment system was the first of its kind in Europe to have full support from financial institutions. The PKO BP believes that their collective sponsorship of the project could be the key to success. In the past, other mobile payment systems were being designed and controlled by “mobile phone firms and store groups,” according to Reuters.

These banks are aiming to upend the traditional credit card business model of such companies as MasterCard and Visa. Instead of requiring customers to carry a card, the system will allow those with a smartphone to use an application to create a single-use code to purchase merchandise. Retailers will need a unique type of payment terminal to accept the transaction.


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