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Monday, 6 April 2020

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09 July 2013

Intel's new CEO is ready to embrace mobile

Intel was slow to enter the mobile market, but the chipmaker says it is now taking steps to speed up development of its Atom chip line for mobile devices. It's also rushing ahead to provide silicon (and services) to another potentially hot market: wearables, a new product category which includes connected glasses and watches.

The company's top executives, new CEO Brian Krzanich and president Renee James, met with reporters Friday morning in San Francisco to answer questions about their strategy to push Intel into mobile and up-and-coming markets like wearables. The duo, both long-time Intel (INTC) insiders, assumed their new positions about a month and a half ago, when former CEO Paul Otellini stepped down. (In other changes, some days ago the company announced that CTO Justin Rattner is stepping down from his role because he has hit the company's mandatory retirement age.) Over the last few weeks, Krzanich has repositioned many of the company's main product groups under his supervision. He has also vowed to speed up development of Intel's Atom chips for smartphones and tablets.


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