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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

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05 July 2013

E-commerce becomes a leader of Ukrainian economy

Internet commerce is getting a leader of the Ukrainian economy in terms of growth. Over the past year, its volume has increased by 45%, according to the latest issue of the Korrespondent (Reporter) magazine.

So-called e-commerce is the most successfully growing industry in the country, which falls out of the picture of stagnating economy.

Thus, according to estimation of financial company Fintime, the turnover of the domestic e-commerce market in 2012 reached $1.6 billion, that is more than 3 times more as compared with four years ago.

The magazine writes that only during last year the market volume increased by 45%, while the growth of another dynamic industry, agricultural sector, accounted only for 10%, and the rise of permanently rising IT-sector slowed to 2.9%.


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