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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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27 June 2013

What do mobile banking users want most?

With the rise of plastic and digital transactions, the use of paper checks continues to decline — the Fed processes less than one-third of the checks it did two decades ago. But even with fewer checks in circulation, the most desired improvement to mobile banking is the ability to deposit checks.

Nearly one-quarter of mobile banking users polled in the 2012 Fiserv Consumer Trends Survey selected check deposit as an improvement they'd like to see in their mobile banking application.

Consumers who have little need to use a branch are finding it increasingly inconvenient to have to deposit checks at a brick-and-mortar location, Fiserv said. And as more banking functions are accomplished by tapping a touch screen, FIs are fielding more requestsfor mobile check deposit.

Small businesses also benefit from mobile check deposits. Even with the growth of mobile payment options, checks are a mainstay for many businesses, especially those without a storefront, such as landscapers and contractors. By depositing checks immediately from the field, small business owners can improve cash flow and eliminate paperwork, According to Fiserv.


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