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Thursday, 2 April 2020

NBU currency exchange rates


21 June 2013

European B2C e-commerce is developing extremely well

In 2010 Europe overtook the USA, the biggest market in theworld until then. In 2012 European B2C e-commerce,including online retail goods and services such as online travelbookings, events and other tickets, downloads etc., grewby 19% to reach €311.6 bn. Figures in Ecommerce Europereports are based on the European Measurement Standardfor Ecommerce (EMSEC) and are in compliance with data and figures from GfK, unless noted differently.

The 54-page full version of Europe B2C Ecommerce Reportincludes additional figures, trends and analysis. The fullreport also includes 18 brief profiles and Infographics ofEuropean countries. Ecommerce Europe is also publishingin-depth regional reports covering the various Europeanregions: North, Central, West, East and South. The regionalreports include in-depth country profiles and Infographics ofover 30 European countries.


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