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Monday, 13 July 2020

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14 June 2013

EU citizens more dissatisfied with E-Government than with Online Shopping

A new report published by the EC’s Digital Agenda suggests that, while many citizens remain unsatisfied with online public services more and more of them are going online to use e-government services such as looking for a job, filing a tax return, registering a birth or applying for a passport.

The eGovernment Benchmark 2012 report shows that, while 46 per cent of EU citizens say they already go online to use e-government services, many also feel dissatisfied e-government services compared with online banking and online shopping.
The survey of 28,000 Internet users from 32 countries found that 80 per cent agree that online public services save them time. 76 per cent like the flexibility of online services and 62 per cent think that it saves money. However, users are generally more satisfied with online banking (85% satisfaction rating) and online shopping (76 %) than with online public services (65%).