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Friday, 3 April 2020

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07 June 2013

The volumes of Internet commerce don’t stop growing in Ukraine


According to Ukrainian Processing Center`s (UPC) data, the number of internet-payments increased by 61% during the first four month of 2013 comparing to the same period of 2012. UPC is a developer of eCommerceConnect system which provides security internet payments for 2332 web-sites. From the beginning of the year 280 new clients implemented eCommerceConnect system on their web-sites.

An electronic turnover of the companies which use eCommerceConnect system increased by 22%. However the average sum of internet-purchasing went down from 375 UAH to 283 UAH.

The share of internet transactions made by payment cards reached 15% among all transactions of 35 UPC`s client-banks. More often cardholders top up mobile phones, pay utility bills, buy airplanes and railway tickets, or pay for cosmetics on the sites of MLM-companies in Ukrainian internet.

On foreign web-sites Ukrainians more often buy additional software for the electronic devices and various services in social networks (odnoklassniki, vk.com, facebook).

Anton Romanchuk, head of the board of UPC:
"In the coming years competition in the sphere of e-commerce will be more intensive because online-payments are becoming an important need of the Ukrainian cardholders. Also we expect that internet-payments will migrate from PC to other electronic devices – mobile phones, smartphones and tablets".

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