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Monday, 13 July 2020

NBU currency exchange rates


11 June 2013

Ukrainian bankers want to slow down the rate of conducting cashless payments

Ukrainian bankers want to slow down the rate of conducting cashless payments in the interbank System of electronic payments. The uniqueness of the domestic internal payment system is the speed of its operation: payments are conducted "day to day", i.e. practically in near real time. For comparison, in other countries, domestic payments are often conducted  in one to two days.

Now the bankers are no longer satisfied with the high speed of payments. Thus, banks have difficulties with analyzing the transaction until the payment is sent. Such an analysis is necessary to prevent the use of legal channels for the legalization of "black" and "gray" money in accordance with the requirements of international organizations (FATF, for example).

Bankers also complain of difficulties in managing liquidity. Another risk associated with fast payments - cybercrime. It is the high rate of payments that creates a good environment for fraudsters. After all the bank employees simply fail to conduct appropriate monitoring of operations in such a short time.


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