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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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31 May 2013

Since the beginning of this year in Ukraine was stolen about UAH 2 million from ATMs

"In 2011 in this way was stolen nearly UAH 9 million.  In 2012 - almost UAH 12 million. This year the losses account already for UAH 2 million. In 2012 there were 24 thefts from ATMs, and from the beginning of this year about 20, no doubt that that the dynamics of such crimes is growing, "- said the head of the Department of  State Guard Service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Svitlana Pavlovska. 

According to her, at present there are nearly 37,000 registered ATMs in Ukraine, and only 10% of them are under the guard of  the State Guard Service. Even fewer ATMs, as she noted, is protected by non-state security structures. 

It means that at leat 80% of all ATMs in the country are not guarded and could be easy targets for criminals. 

The most common method of ATMs' robbery is physical break-in, which is often done with the use of metal objects. 

The Interior Ministry informed the National Bank of Ukraine about the facts of ATMs' robberies and proposed to take appropriate measures.