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Sunday, 5 April 2020

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04 June 2013

Payment Card of Pure Gold, Inlaid with Diamonds, Released in Azerbaijan

A payment card of pure gold and with an exclusive design has been issued for the first time in Azerbaijan.

Visa Inc reports that Azerbaijan’s Zaminbank has issued a Visa Infinite Exclusive companion payment card made of gold inlaid with diamonds and ornamented with precious and semi-precious stones. Only one card has been produced which makes it very unique. With such a card Zaminbank gives a special sign of appreciation to a respected client whose name is not disclosed.

The Visa Infinite Exclusive companion card from Zaminbank is truly a piece of jewelry art. It is made of yellow gold inlaid with 142 white diamonds. There are insertions of black and red jasper, blue turquoise, turquoise with a green tint, white and grey pearl, dark pearl, pearl with a pink tint, lazurite on the front and on the back of the card.

Nevertheless, such a card is not only a symbol of status and prestige but includes an artistically covered EMV-chip on the front of the card. This makes the card a payment solution with all advantages which come with a Visa card, one that can be used at chip-enabled point-of-sale terminals worldwide. In addition to this truly special card, Zaminbank’s client will be issued a standard Visa Infinite card that can be used at ATMs and payment transactions all over the world.

“We are happy that such a unique elite offer was implemented in Azerbaijan. Issuance of a luxury companion chip card is a transition to an absolutely new level of premium offers,” says Irina Kamkhadze, Visa’s regional manager for the Caucasus.

Zaminbank won’t stop with one card and is ready to offer the luxury companion chip card to its VIP clients. Each card will be manufactured separately and the bank assures that every card will be unique for each cardholder.

Apart from the card itself, the holder of Visa Infinite Exclusive gets access to a wide array of services and privileges which include 24/7 concierge service, premium life and health insurance, personal in-airport service with Airport SpeedPass, specials offers at more then 800 luxurious hotels and clubs all over the world as part of Visa Luxury Hotels Collection program. Besides, a premium Visa card holder can expect numerous discounts at point of sales at merchants participating merchants both in Azerbaijan and abroad.


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