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Thursday, 23 January 2020

NBU currency exchange rates


23 May 2013

In Q1 2013 the number of payment cards in Ukraine increased by less than 1%

In NBU reported statistic details of emission and activation of bank cards in the country - in the Q1 2013 the number of payment cards increased by only 0.72%. The number of active cards in Ukraine is growing very slowly. However, experts point out that such slow rates of growth correspond to the current market trends, besides the number of active cards in Ukraine is rather significant.

In the Q1 2013 in Ukraine, according to the estimates of the National Bank of Ukraine,  remained active 33 million 345 thousand plastic cards. During the Q1 2013  this number increased by 238 thousand cards (0.72%). Exactly half of all active cards in Ukraine are processed by a major bank - Privatbank (50.6% of all active cards in the market belong to its clients).

Thus, the share of Privatbank cards on the market since the beginning of the year has increased (in January - 49.1%).


Plastic Cards' Production and Personalisation
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