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Friday, 18 January 2019

NBU currency exchange rates


16 May 2013

Russian online shoppers’ orders congest Moscow airports

As a consequence of the dramatic increase of package shipments from abroad – consisting mainly of parcels sent from foreign online retailers to customers in Russia – up to 500 tons of parcels massed up earlier this month at Moscow’s airports and customs check points.


In a rare move, Deutsche Post urged a probe into the situation, sending a letter to its Russian counterpart regarding the reasons why trucks containing postal cargoes from Germany have to wait so long for customs clearance.
The government ordered that the Russian Post be reformed and moved under the direct authority of the Communications and Press Ministry, and that new instruments of financing be found to modernize the organization.
The postal operator, meanwhile, claimed it had significantly strengthened its infrastructure to meet the growing postal traffic, and that a shortage of customs personnel was the main cause of the congestion.

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