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Saturday, 25 January 2020

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16 May 2013

How the smart TV won

Households with broadband Internet access are increasingly piping Internet video to their TV sets, through a variety of devices.

The speed at which television moves off of cable and onto the Internet will be determined largely by what people decide to do in their living rooms. Now that they have the hardware and software tools to access TV online -- and, of course, lots of videos to watch -- all eyes are on home viewers.

More than half of them -- 56% of all households with broadband Internet access -- now have at least one TV set connected to the Internet, according to a report from Diffusion Group, "Defining the In-Home CE and Network Ecosystem 2013." About two-thirds of the nation's homes have broadband.

While viewers use a variety of means to get Internet video from Netflix and other services onto their TV screens, it appears that smart TVs are increasingly in favor, though most people are still porting video content through game consoles like the Xbox 360, the Sony PS3, and the Nintendo Wii. About 62% of households own such a device, which are used about a quarter of the time for TV viewing, on average.


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