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Friday, 18 January 2019

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30 April 2013

Stop hackers in their tracks

Last week's Associated Press Twitter scandal is the latest in a string of increasingly high-profile social media hijacking cases that has highlighted the vulnerability of all corporate social media accounts. 

Devin Redmond, CEO and co-founder at Nexgate, formerly known as Social iQ Networks, told CNNMoney his technology would have thwarted the latest AP tweet before it was sent out, and would have done so immediately without human oversight.

Nexgate's clients include global banks, big pharma companies and media organizations that use the company's technology, ProfileLock, to secure their social media accounts, keeping hackers from sending out damaging messages and preventing alterations to user profiles.

ProfileLock takes a digital 'snapshot' of all the settings on a social media account, ensuring that if and when those account settings are changed, the system can automatically change them back and alert employees to the alterations.