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Friday, 14 August 2020

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29 April 2013

UPC celebrates its 16th anniversary


For 16 years UPC has been providing banks with processing services for payment cards, a wide range of solutions for card business development and non-cash payments.

UPC was established on the 24th of April, 1997 (in the beginning of payment cards market development in Ukraine) to provide processing services to Ukrainian banks. Today UPC provides customer-banks with card transaction processing services, a wide range of additional software products for cards issuing and retail management system, services of ATM channel management and e-commerce solutions.

Nowadays more than 200 employees work in UPC. The compony supports more than 11.6 mln. payment cards, 22700 POS-terminals and 7200 ATMs. Among UPC`s customers there are 55 Ukrainian banks and banks in Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Albania.

“We are looking at the future with optimism, - Anton Romanchuk, head of the board of UPC, says, - The card business will develop with the same rate as in the past. Recent years payment cards became a base of banking retail because they let banks generate revenue from credits and payments. Also payment cards are the main bank products for everyday use”.

For 2013-2014 UPC plans to develop ATM networks, new functionalities on ATMs, applications for mobile banking and new types of transactions for internet-payments, as well as new opportunities for issuing and supporting of credit cards. Moreover it is expected to continue the connection of the banks in the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe to UPC.