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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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26 April 2013

Twitter launches music app

Twitter made the app available to every iPhone user via Apple's iTunes App Store. Users will also be able to access the service on the Web later in the day at music.twitter.com. Twitter said an app for Google's Android is coming soon.

The announcement of Twitter's music app was first made on ABC's "Good Morning America" program. The company launched the service last week exclusively to musicians.

Twitter's new app, which is separate from its primary social network, helps users find music based on the bands and artists they follow. The app suggests bands you might like, and it shows what music the people you follow are currently listening to. Users can also search popular music enjoyed by the universe of other app users, and Twitter surfaces what it calls "emerging" trends and artists.

Through partnerships with streaming music companies Rdio and Spotify, subscribers to those services can listen to music straight from Twitter's new app. They can also hear previews of music on iTunes and purchase songs, if they wish. Twitter said it will continue to add new music services to its app.


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