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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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16 April 2013

Contactless payment technology continues to develop in Ukraine

Contactless payment technology continues to develop in Ukraine. Visa certification to receive contactless payWave payments was already received by 5 banks, some of which for already some years successfully offer new type of payments to their customers. Visa stresses that contactless payments have already reached more than 50 countries.

Payments on contactless basis could be considered as one of the most promising area of the use of  payment cards. Such payments can make shopping faster and more comfortable than traditional cards. To conduct a payment  based on the payWave technology, a card holder should not pass his card to the cashier. It's just enough to wave the card over a special terminal. You can not even get your card from a wallet. For purchases less than 200 USD a buyer does not need to enter his PIN or leave signature on the check. One can execute a payment in seconds. Such contactless payments can be executed as well using a mobile phone that supports NFC.

payWave based cards were already issued by such Ukrainian banks as "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", "Bank Credit Dnipro" and "Ukreximbank". Certification to issue new cards have alresde recieved also "Pivdenniy" and "Oschadbank."  Such merchants as "McDonald's", "Puzata Hata", "Cocktail", and  some others already accept contactless payments. .


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