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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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16 April 2013

Facebook tests paid messages to strangers

Facebook is planning to take advantage of its leading place among the global social networks and introduce a new paid messaging feature that will allow any message to reach any mailbox for a $1, or more if you want a celebrity to get it.

It will be now possible to send messages to strangers or people you are not connected to by bypassing their privacy settings. Users will be able to send private texts to celebrities. There’s no guarantee however the message will be read. 

The pay message service will be tested for several months to see if it proves popular and to check it the service is abused. 

Facebook says the new option is aimed to "prevent spam while acknowledging that sometimes you might want to hear from people outside your immediate social circle." 

Facebook has started testing the new feature last month which provides two mailboxes for a Facebook profile. The main inbox visible to the user is where he or she receives messages from friends and anyone else according to the privacy settings. 

The other is a “shadow” or “invisible” message box, where strangers’ mail goes. Most people never look at it and may not even know it exists. 

The new messaging feature earns money by forcing a message from the “shadow” mailbox directly to the user’s main inbox, if the sender pays $1 per message.