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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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05 April 2013

Weak Cross Border E-Commerce growth shows EU shortcomings in consumer protection

During a ministerial session at the European Consumer Summit in Brussels, European Ministers have called for more synergies when enforcing consumer protection throughout the EU.

Cross- border commerce, a truly integrated European market and consumer protection beyond national borders- reality on paper, but in practice still a bridge to far? Europe needs more cooperation in the field of consumtion policies and consumer protection. That is the quint essence of a ministerial session held during the European Consumer Summit in Brussels.

The single market of the European Union does not work well in terms of consumer friendliness and protection, claims the Swedish Secretary of State for EU Affairs Mr. O. W. Söderström: “E-Commerce illustrates this very well: It offers fantastic opportunities, but still only 15 % of European consumers effectively shop online across borders. Customers don't feel confident enough.” 


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