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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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03 April 2013

Ukraine four times lags behind Europe in cashless payments infrastructure development

Ukrainian authorities, banks and trading companies will require additional efforts for the development of cashless payments, as the country four times lags behind the European level in the number of payment terminals that accept plastic bank cards, according to Natalia Lapko,  Director of payment systems division of the National Bank of Ukraine. She said that at present there are only 2,938 thousand terminals per one million inhabitants of Ukraine.

However, the civil servant stressed that in terms of  the number of ATMs Ukraine has almost reached the European level: 792 ATMs per one million Ukrainians as compared with about 870 ATMs in Europe.

As reported, the total number of POS terminals in Ukraine in 2012 increased by 41% - up to 134 thousand units, ATM fleet increased by 9.6% - to 36.1 thousand machines.


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