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Saturday, 19 September 2020

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02 April 2013

Canadian Debit Scheme and Bank Demo NFC Application in BlackBerrys

Canadian debit network Interac, along with the Royal Bank of Canada, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada and BlackBerry demonstrated what Interac billed as the first NFC-enabled debit transaction in Canada.

Not participating in the demonstration today at a Toronto-area McDonald’s restaurant was a mobile operator. Instead, the Interac Flash debit application is believed to have been preloaded onto the embedded secure elements in BlackBerry smartphones used in the demo.

It would be one of the first, if not the first, payment application loaded onto the embedded chip in a BlackBerry for purposes of public demonstration or trial. The handset maker, formerly known as Research In Motion, had earlier only indicated it would be promoting corporate or enterprise applications on its embedded chips, not consumer payment.

But it’s not clear yet whether rollouts of the Interac Flash contactless debit application will use embedded chips in NFC phones, including those from BlackBerry or Samsung Electronics. The Flash application on the embedded chip in the BlackBerry might have only been implemented for the demo. A source told NFC Times the Interac Flash application was loaded onto the BlackBerry handset via a PC connection, not over the air. BlackBerry was not immediately available for comment.