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Monday, 20 May 2019

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29 March 2013

Online payments by cards issued by Ukrainian banks grow rapidly

Along with the growing number of internet users each year more and more Ukrainians appreciate it`s benefits for purchases of goods and services. Number of purchases paid by Ukrainian payment cards in the internet-shops connected to UPC, increased by 81% in 2012 comparing to 2011. Furthermore the turnover of payments in internet increased by 57%.

The share of online purchases last year was 17% of total purchases paid by UPC client-banks` cardholders. During 2012 cardholders of UPC client banks more often toped up mobile phones, paid utility bills, bought tickets for transport (mainly airplanes and railway tickets) and paid for cosmetics on the sites of MLM-companies in Ukrainian internet. In 2012 cardholders made twice more operations on foreign web-sites than in 2011. The most popular sites were PayPal, Apple iTunes and AppStore, Google, RBK Money. Also very popular were online-payments for various additional services in social networks - odnoklassniki, vk.com, facebook.

Andriy Berezyuk, business development director of UPC: "In the coming years growth indicators in the sphere of e-commerce will be higher than in the POS-terminals and ATM-acquiring. But competition on this market will be more active. Those banks will win the competition, which implement appropriate solutions to help their cardholders pay online simply and safely".


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