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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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26 March 2013

Lenovo to include contactless payments on new notebooks, tablets

NFC-enabled payments via laptop are coming.

An embedded NFC reader will be included on some models of Lenovo's ThinkPad tablets and Ultrabook laptops this year, according to engadget. Customers will be able to simply tap an NFC-enabled mobile device or contactless credit card to pay for online transactions.

Engadget said the news came out during its Expand conference in San Francisco, but had no information on payment partnerships.

One likely partner is MasterCard. When Intel made its November 2011 announcement about the release of the Ultrabook — a line of thin, fast notebook computers built on Intel technology — the company also announced a "strategic collaboration" with MasterCard to pair the card association's PayPass contactless payment technology Intel identity protection technology that combines hardware with two-factor authentication to secure user data.

How the solution will work to make online payments remains to be seen, but it would likely lower online fraud as well as qualify online purchases for lower "card present" rates.


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