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Saturday, 23 January 2021

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26 March 2013

National Bank of Ukraine has developed a draft of the Regulation on payment systems' monitoring

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has developed a draft of the Regulation "On the order of monitoring the activities of payment systems." This document provides both planned and unplanned inspections.

According to the draft document, planned inspections of payment systems should be carried out not more than once every two years. The 1st scheduled inspection should be held not earlier than 12 months after the date of entering the information about payment system in the appropriate register. NBU will inform the head of the legal entity or individual - entrepreneur, which is the subject of inspection, about conducting planned inspection not later than 10 calendar days in advance.

In this case, the National Bank has the right to conduct an unplanned inspection without notice in advance. The reasons for unplanned inspections may be, in particular, the evidence of the risky activity of the payment system or problems with statutory reporting to NBU.


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