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Friday, 18 January 2019

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25 March 2013

Samsung to Support Multiple Payment Brands on New Galaxy S 4

The embedded chip in Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 will eventually come preloaded with payment applications from other brands, in addition to Visa payWave, the device maker revealed Thursday, in announcing its much-anticipated Galaxy S 4 smartphone.

Samsung said additional payment applications would be preloaded in coming months in its latest NFC-enabled Galaxy smartphone. That will follow the preloading of Visa payWave in the device. Visa announced a global deal with Samsung last month at the Mobile World Congress, saying that banks or even mobile operators could use the chip to roll out payWave and personalize the application with Visa’s mobile provisioning service.

The deal with Visa is nonexclusive, and Samsung said Thursday that “more payment applets from multiple brands are planned to be preloaded into the embedded secure element in coming months.”

As it was earlier reported, that could include a MasterCard PayPass application on the same chip as PayWave.


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