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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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18 March 2013

Facebook Redesigns the Newsfeed, Paid Profile Personalization in the Works

The internet was rife with speculation all week about impending alterations to Facebook’s Newsfeed, which have been officially announced some days ago. CEO Mark Zuckerberg compared the new look and really feel to a newspaper, which can be a far cry from his vision of another core Facebook element – Timeline – as a “scrapbook,” as he mentioned when Timeline was 1st announced in 2011. Scrapbooks, needless to say, don’t have advertisements. The newspaper analogy does not really ring accurate, either, offered the heat Facebook has taken for continuing to edge ads in to the Newsfeed with Sponsored Stories and the like. Within a newspaper, you’ll be able to typically inform the advertisements aside from the editorial.

Some users are already seeing the adjustments, that will continue to roll out inside the coming weeks. Anticipate to find out:

* the News Ticker replaced with fast hyperlinks to pictures, Close friends, music and more
* bigger images and videos – improved from 403 to 552px wide – that span the width on the Newsfeed
* redesigned photo albums
* much more consistent UI across the site.

Facebook director of design and style Julie Zhu described the adjust as, “A richer, easier, far more lovely Newsfeed – on both desktop internet, and mobile. Focused around the issues you care about. What your pals are saying. What your network is sharing.”

Interestingly, Zuckerberg also secured a patent recently titled “Paid Profile Personalization.” The published patent describes a paid membership model for users along with the possibility of blocking ads or other elements from the web page: “The user could pick one or more social networking objects to replace ads or other elements that are normally displayed to guests of the user’s profile page which might be otherwise controlled by the social networking system… In specific embodiments, the user is billed on a recurring basis for profile personalization.” There has been no official announcement from Facebook around the patent, though this model undoubtedly smacks in the Facebook monetization Wall Street has been crying for.