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13 March 2013

EAST Financial Crime&Security Forum will be held on June 13-14

The EAST Financial Crime & Security Forum (13-14 June 2013, World Forum - The Hague, Netherlands) will bring together global stakeholders with the objective of sharing knowledge, the latest trends, innovations and modus operandi in the ATM Security field, as well as the impact of international financial crime, and seek practical and strategic measures to respond to ever-evolving threats.

The European ATM Security Team (EAST) has national members representing 29 countries, with a total deployment of 625,776 ATMs.  

In a European ATM Crime Report covering the first six months of 2012 EAST reported over nine thousand ATM related fraud attacks with losses of €131 million (€128 million from card skimming and the remainder related to card trapping, cash trapping and transaction reversal fraud). 

In 2011 EAST embarked on a long term strategic planning process designed to take the group to the next stage of its development.  As threats evolve and continue to migrate EAST has made a strategic decision to reach out to additional stakeholders. The new EAST Associate Membership and the annual EAST FCS Forum will help to further improve flows of information to ensure a more coordinated and effective response to fraud.

The first EAST FCS Forum will be held in June 2013 in The Hague with an Agenda set by national members and with contributions from regional and international stakeholders.  The event is co-organised with LiquidNexxus Ltd.

Coordianator: Lachlan Gunn

Email: coordinator@eas-team.eu  

Tel: + 44 131 5100268  



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