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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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05 March 2013

5 CEOs Who Think Like Steve Jobs

Apple Inc is a success story. The company currently wears the crown of the share market, and is the talk of Wall Street. The one man responsible for what Apple is today is undoubtedly the charismatic Steve Jobs. Jobs had ability to create value for shareholders and employees, and to define their industry to both competitors and consumers alike. His focus was on a long-term vision that trumps the quarterly drumbeat of the Wall Street yet. There was his shrewd use of capital to grow his company and to cripple competitors. And above all, there was his desire to connect completely with customers so his product would almost sell itself. If you think, all these awe inspiring characteristics are sole Steve Job stuff, then think again. There are five CEOs who will remind you of Jobs the way they think and carry out themselves, read on to know these CEOs as compiled by Market Watch (5 CEOs Who Think Like Steve Jobs).


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