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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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05 March 2013

Kaspersky Tablet Security offers no-cost protection from cyberthreats and theft

Kaspersky Lab presents Kaspersky Tablet Security – a new version of its security solution for Android tablets. According to internal testing, the updated product scans the mobile system much faster than the previous version, while the new Alarm tool will help users find lost tablets.

The past two years have seriously changed the status quo in the mobile security market. The growing popularity of Android, combined with the system’s lack of built-in protection, has led to an explosive growth in the amount of malware designed for the platform. According to Kaspersky Lab data, the number of threats targeting Android grew 200-fold in 2011, while more threats were discovered in the first quarter of 2012 than in all of 2011. In effect, malware for Android has displaced all other mobile threats: about 99% of all mobile malware targets this platform. This is hardly surprising, since tablets are not that different from traditional laptops or desktops: they can also be used to conduct online transactions, read emails and do social networking. All these activities involve entering personal data, such as logins and passwords, which are of particular interest to cybercriminals. Unfortunately, few people realize the need to protect the data stored on tablets. This makes life easier for cybercriminals, which only serves to spur on their activity.


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