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Thursday, 20 February 2020

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04 March 2013

Non-cash card payments are gradually gaining momentum in Ukraine

In general,  in Ukraine the number of ATMs is growing, but this growth is provided by TOP5 banks that issue cards. Most banks are reducing their ATM networks. Of course, the reduction of ATMs is caused by several factors, first and foremost here is optimizing costs. We can also add here aging of devices (service life of ATM is about 10-12 years), the search for the optimal use of existing ATMs.

  In addition, the increased use of smart cards needs ATMs' upgrading, and therefore requires  more resources to its service. Also banks combine their ATM networks, which allows them to expand capacity of their cudtomrers to withdraw cash. Moreover, the growth of the number of cash withdrawal transactions decreases. And non-cash payments are gradually gaining momentum (their volume in 2012 increased almost twice).


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