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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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01 March 2013

Spam in January 2013

January in figures:

   - The percentage of spam in email traffic was down 7.7 percentage points compared with December and averaged 58.3%

   - The percentage of phishing emails halved compared with December, falling to 0.003%

   - Malicious files were found in 3% of all emails, a decrease of 0.15 percentage points.

In January, China (28.8%) and the US (19.3%) remained the leading sources of spam worldwide. The amount of spam sent from China decreased by 5.4 percentage points, while the percentage of spam originating in the US grew by 3.7 points. Overall, these two countries produced 48.1% of global spam. 

Although the share of spam in mail traffic decreased, the percentage of mass mailings that contain malware remains quite high. In January, malicious attachments were detected in 3% of emails, a drop of 0.15 percentage points from December.


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