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Thursday, 23 May 2019

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18 February 2013

"Zolotaya Korona" failed to become a leader in money transfer services in Azerbaijan

Last year remittance system Zolotaya Korona failed to enter in ranks of leader money transfer systems in Azerbaijan.

According to the system, ZK’s position in the remittance market of the CIS countries and Georgia continues to strengthen. In the segment of cross-border transfers the service turnover growth in 2012 made up 60%. ZK’s leadership among all the transfer systems is confirmed by official data of central banks in Kyrgyzstan - #1, Georgia - #1, Kazakhstan - #1, Ukraine - #2.

In 2012, 26 million transactions for 424 billion rubles between individuals were carried out via the system. Revenue growth for the year totaled 67%. The list of partners of the service was replenished by 99 credit institutions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Compared with 2011, the number of transactions in the past year increased by 44%.

In 2012, infrastructure of service Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfers increased by another 6,000 service points.

Services in the Russian internal market, the turnover on which grew by 94%, will remain strategic in 2013 as well.

"In 2013, the rate of expansion in infrastructure and technological development will be continued," commented Ivan Sitnov, director of service Zolotaya Korona - Money Transfers, the results of 2012.


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