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Saturday, 6 June 2020

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19 February 2013

Level of skimming in Ukraine is almost the lowest in Europe

Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association EMA notes the increase of detected in 2012 skimming devices on ATMs and POS terminals by 78% as compared with 2011 (from 45 to 80 units).  However, in Ukraine this number is still at a low level - almost the lowest in Europe.

It was said at a press conference by the represenative of the EMA's Forum on Security Settlements and Transactions with Payment Cards.

In Europe in 2012, one skimming device was revealed per 500 ATMs,  in Ukraine - averagely 1.5 devices per 10 thousand ATMs.

Also in 2012,  10 individuals were arrested who were either involved in installing or fraud with skimming devices.

The share of fraud transactions in the total turnover on payment cards in 2011-2012  fell to 0.045% from 0.06% in 2010.

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