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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

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14 February 2013

Flomio launches 3D printed NFC objects

The models include an embedded NFC tag, can be produced from standard 3D printing files and are available in sizes up to 15cm cubed at a starting price of US$8 per item.

NFC specialist Flomio has launched a new service that makes 3D printed objects carrying embedded NFC tags.

The Miami-based startup's NFC Custom 3D Printables can be produced from standard '.stl' 3D files, which can be created using three dimensional modelling templates offered by services such as Blendswap and Shapeways. Models of up to 15cm by 15cm by 15cm can be produced, at a cost of US $0.50 per cubic centimetre plus a $4 handling fee, along with the cost of the NFC tag and shipping.

Customers can choose the size of the object they want, the type of NFC tag required and pick from three colours: white, green or blue.


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