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Monday, 6 April 2020

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15 February 2013

AzeriCard processing center presents virtual card Ani Kart on SMS

AzeriCard processing center jointly with the International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA) provides a possibility of instant reception of a virtual payment card by SMS.

IBA press service reports that for this any who desires can send a command YENI currency (AZN/USD/EUR), for example YENI AZN to short number 7111 and instantly get in a reply SMS all the details of virtual Card MasterCard or VISA necessary for payments in the Internet. This card can be used on any site both inside and outside of Azerbaijan.

You can also send a card to your friends by issuing command HEDIYYE phone number currency (AZN/USD/EUR). For example, HEDIYYE 0501234567 AZN.

"From a mobile phone you can order three cards in three different currencies - manat, the dollar and the euro. The card is issued for a period of 1 year.

You can recharge the card with help of card transfer service Card Transfer and by cash through cash machines Cash-In in the AzeriCard system. Card price is AZN 0.99 per month," it was reported.


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