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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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13 February 2013

Polytron Technologies aims fully transparent smartphone

Samsung is already trying to make the flexible displays into next flagship Samsung phone, but the Taiwanese Polytron Technologies (Polytron Technologies) is seemingly ongoing attempt a one step further technology to produce full and transparent smart phone prototype.

Еhis prototype is almost completely transparent, the only thing visible is only a small amount of chips, memory card and camera components. Although we can see that the central part of the touch screen, but unfortunately this prototype does not show any operability. Polytron Technologies, said that such full transparent phone equipment is expected to be officially unveiled at the end of 2013.

Although we can not determine the prospects of this product, but at least we are glad to see that some companies are still trying to innovation. Maybe something one day fully transparent mobile phone from a sci-fi movie come to our hands, after all, no one says bad the next when the “amazing product” to be born.


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