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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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12 February 2013

NBU: Total number of fraudulent card transactions in 2012 increased by 47%

The total number of fraudulent card transactions in 2012 increased by 47% as compared with the previous year, and the volume of such scams has increased by 20%, said Natalia Sinyavska, NBU's Director of the General Department of IT and Payment Systems.

According to her data, 57 Ukrainian banks suffered from such operations - 6 banks more, than in 2011  and 40% of the total number of financial institutions in the country.

Sinyavska said that  the largest share in the statistics of fraud operations (39%) belongs to fake cards. At the same time, due to the spread of more secure chip cards more than three times increased the number of scams without presenting cards, for example, online payments, which brought them to 2nd place in the list of such types of fraud.

Official has stressed that the number of fraudulent card transactions amounted to only 0.002% of the total volume of transactions with cards.

"But many banks are trying not to show the true losses, so it's rather difficult to estimate their true volume" - complained the representative of the National Bank.

Earlier it was reported that police detained scam-aliens who forged payment cards, and earned more than $ 40,000.


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