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Saturday, 6 June 2020

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06 February 2013

Sequent launches multi wallet platform for NFC phones

The technology makes it possible to create links between payment cards stored in a secure element and multiple mobile wallets and apps, allowing several different mobile wallets to be supported on one NFC phone and enabling merchants and other service providers to build secure payments capabilities into their existing apps.

Secure NFC specialist Sequent has released a mobile wallet management platform that enables multiple wallets and mobile apps to access payments credentials stored on the secure element of an Android NFC phone.

"The Sequent Wallet Management Platform makes it possible for any authorized mobile app to use any card stored in the phone's secure element, turning the app into a wallet," the company says. "It also allows any card to be used in many authorized wallets, unlocking new value for both mobile operators (MNOs) and card issuers. The Sequent Wallet Management Platform tracks which wallets are authorized to use each credential in the secure element, while protecting the secure element from use by unauthorized apps.


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